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News Release
May 31, 2018

Second City comedian brings her show to her hometown

“What's Next? Starting Alia Bajorek”

at Photo City Improv

Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9

Rochester, N.Y. – A comedy show at Photo City Improv may not be a “stop the presses and alert the media” event, since that is what one expects from a Photo City show.

But this is a show you gotta see — since the comedian at the center of the show is the youngest-ever accepted to the Second City conservatory and a Pittsford native. She is bringing her new stand-up and sketch-comedy show to her hometown Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9, fresh from its debut a week earlier at Second City's De Maat Studio Theatre in Chicago.

What's Next? Starting Alia Bajorek”stars 19-year-old Alia Bajorek, who simultaneously earned a bachelor’s degree in comedy studies from Columbia College in May while completing the Training Center Program at Chicago’s renowned Second City. With studies out of the way, it’s now make-it-or-break-it time to practice and showcase her craft.

Rochester comedy fans are invited to a live video taping of her shows at 7 p.m. Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9 at Photo City. The video captured will be used to further launch Bajorek’s comedy career. The audience will enjoy free admission and literally have a front-row seat to comedy-in-the-making.

About the show

“What’s Next?” will open with original stand-up comedy written and performed by Bajorek, presenting a sincere, personal, and humorous look at her life. For the sketch-comedy portion, she will be joined on stage by four fellow female comedians who are also Second City-trained: Liz Coin, Citlali Cuevas, Vanessa Poleuca, and Thalia Ramirez.

The original sketch comedy, written by Renee Barry and Pete Byrne, is thematically focused around the universal experience of transition— be it moving from college to the “real world” or to a different city or starting or changing careers. Bajorek’s path to comedy involved training as ballerina, winning a beauty pageant, and graduating from Pittsford Sutherland High School at 16. So, now … what’s next?

About the director

Professional actor and comedian Law Tarello is the director of “What’s Next? Starting Alia Bajorek.” He has been mentoring Bajorek since she was 15-years-old (and she credits him as the one who turned her onto comedy). Tarello is currently a cast member of NBC’s “Chicago PD.” He has appeared on Broadway in Putnam County Spelling Bee and has taught improvisational theater for seven years at SUNY Brockport. He recently relocated from Rochester to Chicago with his family. National commercials in which he has appeared include Taco Bell, the NFL, Olive Garden, and Home Depot. His award-winning show formats, classes, and workshops have been performed and taught at improv theaters, training centers, and festivals from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. Learn more at

Fast Facts


What's Next? Starting Alia Bajorek
Stand-up and sketch-comedy show


7 p.m. Friday, June 8 and Saturday, June 9
(Doors open at 7 p.m.)


Photo City Improv Comedy and Music Venue
543 Atlantic Ave., Rochester


Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis (limited seating).

Admission is open to those age 18 and over.

Cash bar on site for those age 21 and over.

Food available via the adjacent Sticky Lips Barbecue.


Starring Alia Bajorek
With Liz Coin, Citlali Cuevas, Vanessa Poleuca, and Thalia Ramirez.

Directed by: Law Tarello
Sketch comedy written by: Renee Barry & Pete Byrne
Stand-up written by: Alia Bajorek

Learn more at


Photographs of Alia Bajorek are online at

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